Britain sends its ‘Sky Sabre’ air-defense system to guard Polish skies

GBAD (Sky Sabre)
LONDON – A British air-defense system that has only been in service for a few months is being deployed to Poland to bolster that country’s capabilities, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced during

US Army carries out Iron Dome interception test

Iron Dome
The US Army completed the latest Iron Dome Defense System interception test at the White Sands Missile Range, in conjunction with the Defense Ministry’s Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO).

Israel completes the first C-DOME interceptions from aboard the Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvettes

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in the Directorate for Defense R&D of the Israel Ministry of Defense, the IDF and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have completed a successful…

Israel Tests New Naval Iron Dome System

Israel completed its first test of the C-Dome air defense system aboard its new Sa’ar 6 corvettes on February 21.

First live-fire test of Iron Dome carried out in US

Iron Dome
The series of tests was carried out at the White Sands Test Range in New Mexico, with the participation of Rafael, IAI and mPrest, the companies that developed the Iron Dome system